Who said healthy eating was boring? Not anymore.

These protein brownies are almost to good to be true. Best of all, they actually taste amazing, unlike most of the healthy recipes for sweet treats!

The ingredients may sound a little bizarre at first, but trust me on this one, it all works out wonderfully in the end. Without further ado…



4 scoops (or 4 large tablespoons) of Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder (I used Vanilla)

125g Pitted Prunes

200g Cooked Beetroot

2 Eggs

1tbsp Cocoa Powder

2tsp Truvia (or any sweetener)

60g Dark Chocolate (85% Cocoa or above is best)


1tsp Natural Almond Extract

1tsp Natural Vanilla Extract



  1. Preheat your oven to around 150°C and line a shallow tin with baking paper
  2. Boil the beetroot (or just buy it cooked to save time!) and let cool
  3. Blend the beetroot and prunes in a blender until they resemble a smooth paste
  4. Add all other ingredients into the blender until they are all mixed 
  5. Pour the mixture into your brownie tin and cook for 20 minutes or until it is firm on top
  6. Let it cool, slice and enjoy!


It really is that easy.

I love having mine after the gym or as a snack on the go – if you decide to make them, let me know by tagging me on Instagram @indiadavies – I’d love to see!

And Voilá…




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