Is there such a thing as a perfect meal? I’m not quite sure, but this one certainly does come very close. 

Sky on 57, as the name suggests, is located on the 57th floor of the infamous Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. With panoramic views of the entire city, it is home to the best viewpoint in town. We arrived just in time for sunset and we were not disappointed. 

Since there are many restaurants in Marina Bay Sands, I wasn’t sure of what to expect however, highly-acclaimed chef Justin Quek lives up to his name here in his home city of Singapore. His Franco-Asian cuisine was a perfectly thought-out match which included some absolutely show-stopping dishes. 

Our first dish from the Gastronomic Menu was a Langoustine Carpaccio with ginger flower dressing. I must point out immediately that the presentation of all of the dishes was sublime, with this one being no exception. With just enough to wet our appetite, the carpaccio was fresh and I was particularly pleased by the salmon roe on top!


Following this, we were presented with the second dish ‘Yoshoku Amadai’. Most certainly needing an explanation, this dish comprises of pan roasted crispy scale, poached oyster and wakame beurre blanc. Tasting just as opulent as the name indicates, the fish was soft, light and delightfully creamy. So far, Justin most definitely has seafood under his belt.


Moving on to Justin’s Signature dish – Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao – which is type of steamed bun from the Jiangnan region of China. However, in quite the Justin-like manner, this dish was far from traditional. Instead, the buns floated in a ‘superior golden broth’ (I couldn’t have put it better myself) and had truffle shavings on top. And because that wasn’t sumptuous enough, there were gold flakes in the mix too. Outrageous, but I loved it, naturally. Of course this would be my favourite dish of the evening.


Coming in at a close second to the golden truffle fare, was the Duo of French Pigeon accompanied by Lu Shui Foie Gras, Asian Truffle braised Jus and Manjimup Winter Black Truffle Shavings because one can never consume enough truffle. Justin truly does know the way to my heart, or stomach as the case may be. As you can clearly see from the carefully angled photo, the pigeon was prepared to perfection and the taste of this dish was magnificent. The rich flavours of the truffle and foie gras coupled with the succulent game was exquisite. 


Do note the amount of wine glasses I had accumulated at this stage. Each dish was paired with a separate wine which allows you to sample many different tastes in one meal. 


At this point, we decided to take a breather from all the delectable food and admired the view of Singapore by night. 


On our return, we had the Kagoshima Waygu Beef with a Szechuan pepper crust and symphony of vegetables and Bonito infused Veal Jus. Again, another mind-blowing dish. 


At this point, Justin came to our table to meet us and speak more about his ideas and influences behind the food. It was such an honour to meet the man that had created those unbelievable plates and he truly is and has achieved incredible things. Mid-way through our riveting conversation, the dessert arrived. It was a texture of chocolates including Mousse, Feuilletine, Sponge, Marshmallow, Candy Pop, Disc, Sauce, Cognac and Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream. What a remarkable way to end the dinner.



Now, if I haven’t tantalised your tastebuds, I really don’t know what will. Sky on 57 by Justin Quek is one of a kind and will remain one of the most memorable dinners I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Certainly worth the trip to Singapore. 




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      You should definitely go! It’s such an amazing place.

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